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Digital Orthognathics

3DMAX, a division of Natix Oral Surgery, offers digital orthognathic surgery planning services, by our trained team of "Engineer & Surgeon," for the following:

1. Surgeon - 3DMAX:

Orthognathic surgery for orthognathic surgeons or orthodontists. Interested surgeons are invited to contact us at plan@3dmax.ca for our procedures.

Fee schedule:

Double jaw surgery:
950CAN$ (including 2 precision surgical guides, detailed surgical report, web meeting).

Single jaw surgery:
Option A: 550CAN$ (including 1 precision surgical guide, detailed surgical report, web meeting).
Option B: 375CAN$ (including 1 precision surgical guide).

New surgeons' first case is discounted at 50%!

2. Public - 3DMAX:
Prediction planning for a three-dimensional conception of the final facial and occlusion results for the curious orthognathic patient. Please note that the above service does not include fees associated with 3D imaging and with dental scans. This data is required for your digital orthognathic plan. If you require our 3D scanning services, please click here for further information.
Fee: 475CAN$