miraDry Sweat & Odor Removal

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miraDry Sweat and Odor Removal

Are you bothered by underarm stains from excessive sweat? Do you have a hard time with underarm odor? Don’t sweat it- Miradry is the fix you have been looking for!

MiraDry offers a non-invasive approach to significantly reduce underarm sweat and odor. This new technology is safe and clinically proven!

Here are the facts:
  • MiraDry is performed under local anesthesia in the office setting. The duration for one session is 1 hour.
  • Most patients (90%) require only 1 session to reach their desired goal (near complete resolution of sweating). For severe cases, a second session may be performed 3 months after the first treatment.
  • There is also an 80% reduction in hair growth.
  • Post-treatment pain is minimal and managed with over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, and there is no downtime for most patients.
  • There are no reported long-term side-effects from the treatment, as your underarms contribute only a very small amount to your total body perspiration.
  • An approved treatment alternative is the repetitive injection of botulinum toxin on a 6-month interval, which is very costly in the long run.

PROMOTIONAL COST (Valid until December 25th, 2018):
  • Free consultation with Dr. Perry Gdalevitch, Plastic Surgeon
  • 2500$ for the 1st session
  • 900$ for the second session if needed
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