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Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth, or partially impacted tooth, is blocked from breaking through the gum. A tooth becomes impacted when your mouth doesn’t have enough space for it. This can be the result of genetics or orthodontic treatment.

Sometimes they cause no symptom and are discovered during a routine X-ray.

Symptoms of impacted, or partially impacted, teeth vary from any of the following:

- red, swollen, or bleeding gums
- bad breath
- a bad taste in your mouth
- difficulty opening your mouth
- pain when opening your mouth, or when chewing and biting

Wisdom teeth and the maxillary canines are the most common impacted teeth.

If your impacted tooth isn’t causing any symptoms, we may simply recommend a wait-and-see approach. However, if you’re experiencing pain and other side effects, we may recommend extraction surgery.

Impacted teeth aren’t always a problem, and in some cases, there’s no need to treat them. Other times, however, they must be removed to prevent infection, damage to other teeth, or other complications.


Impacted Third Molar