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Submental Fat

Excess tissue under the chin (submental fat) can give off a "double chin" appearance.

This can effectively be managed by submental liposuction and Facetite (Radiofrequency), all performed under local anesthesia +/- intravenous sedation.
- Performed through punctures, so no visible scars when you are all healed up.
- Maximal clinical effect seen at 4 months.
- Recovery time is usually under 7 days.
- Most of the neck swelling disappears after 2 days.
- Cost:
Lower 1/3 of face + neck: $4000.00
+ taxes.
Lower 1/3 of face or neck: $3000.00
+ taxes.
- Patients with a receded chin (microgenia) may require an augmentation genioplasty first or instead of submental liposuction/FaceTite.