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Joint Surgery

We provide surgical care for individuals who suffer from arthritic degeneration of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

Combined TMJ and Orthognathic Surgery:
Many dentofacial or dentoskeletal malocclusions are caused by a TMJ pathology that may require treatment prior, simultaneously or after orthognathic surgery. These TMJ pathologies causing facial asymmetries and malocclusions include degenerative joint disease (severe arthritis), progressive/idiopathic condylar resorption, condylar hyperplasia and a benign condylar tumor.

Surgical interventions are reserved for those who fail to improve following comprehensive non-surgical therapies. In general, TMJ surgeries include arthroscopy, arthrocentesis, open joint surgery and total joint replacement using TMJ prostheses.

Non-surgical therapies are usually administered first by your dentist or by a dentist who has extensive experience in splint therapy, pharmacologic therapy, and head and neck physiotherapy. We may complement these therapies in selected patients with therapeutic Botox or other injections. Patients who suffer from chronic pain must be managed by a pain specialist prior to their surgical consultation.